Stanley and Zero had been at the peek of Big Thumb for a week and had been feeding on onions and water from the mud. At the time Zero told Stanley that he went homeless when he was really little and that he hasn’t seen his mother since. He even told Stanley that it was he, from the very beginning, who took the sneakers from Livingstone and that none of this would have happend if he had kept the shoes for himeself.

A few nights later Stanley comes up with an idea about filling the bag with onions and the jars with water and try to head back to camp green to serach for the treasure. Either they would find it and be rich or not and be off.

When they came to Camp Green, the next day, they decided to hide and wait in a hole until nightfall. When everyone in the camp had gone to sleep they started to dig in the hole where Stanely had found the lipstick container.

After plenty of digging Stanley found a big metal suitcase hidden in the hole’s walls. Unfourtunately the warden appeared and thanked the boys for helping her find the tresaure. They sooner discovered that Stanley and Zero had been digging in the middle of a lizards nest. For the rest of the night they sood absolutely still, scared of getting bitten by any of the eight lizards that were crowling around them.  

Later the same day a lawyer called Ms Morengo came to Stanleys rescue. They had disovered that Stanley was innocent. The warden then tried to come up with a lie about that it was Stanley who took her suitcase. But what the she didn’t know was that the suitcase infact belonged to the first Stanley Yelnats. So she could say nothing. She had also made the mistake about deleting all the files of Zero. Because that meant that she was not allowed to keep him either. The Attorny General took charge of the camp and investigated in all that had happend there. Later it closed and became a scout camp for girls.

The meatal siutcase did contain jewels, as Stanley had hoped, but they were not worth more then twenty thousand dollars. Insted it containd certificates, deeds of trust and promising notes that turned out to have much more value. And it all turned out good fore Stanleys father too, who invented a spray called “The sploosh” that makes your feet smell sweet.